• Maintenance to Update New Version Event

    Dear Strikers:

    We will undergo a two hours maintenance during PST(UTC-8)  Sept 22nd, 2016 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM. Please arrange your time and log off beforehand.  Please check the detailed new events in game.


    The Global Strike Team

    Sept 22nd, 2016

  • Maintenance to update 1-Year Anniversary Events

    Dear warriors, thank you for playing and supporting Global Strike. Here are the one-year anniversary events for all of you.

    Maintenance duration: 01:00 – 02:00, June 6th, 2016, UTC-6

    [Event One] Top up to get bonus event

    [Duration]: Permanent

    [Detail]:  For Game321 only



    Bonus Gold






































    If you top up the amount like this: $5≤ x <$10, you can only get 15 Bonus gold.


    1)      Bonus gold will be sent to in game email box.

    2)      Bonus gold will not be counted into any top up events.


    [Event Two] Great Discount for in game items

    [Duration]: 00:00 June 6 – 23:59 June 19, 2016, UTC-6


    1)      50%-off for ALL normal weapons, blue crystal and characters.

    2)      20%-off for ALL heroic weapons and series of honor weapons.


    Enjoy the game!


    Global Strike Operation Team

    June 6, 2016

  • EMEA Server Temporary Maintenance

    Dear Strikers:

    We will undergo a long maintenance during PST(UTC-8) 9:00 AM December 12, 2015 - 11:00 AM December 13, 2015. Server 02 - EMEA will be closed during that time. Please arrange your time and log off beforehand. And 01 – NSAM will be up during the maintenance.

    The Global Strike Team

    December 11, 2015



  • 12/11/2015EMEA Server Temporary Maintenance

    Dear Strikers:

    We will undergo a long maintenance during PST(UTC-8) 9:00 AM December 12, 2015 - 11:00 AM December 13, 2015. Server 02 - EMEA will be closed during that time. Please arrange your time and log off beforehand. And 01 – NSAM will be up during the maintenance.

    The Global Strike Team

    December 11, 2015

  • 11/27/2015Christmas Season Updates

    Update Time: 22:00 – 24:00, November 26, PST


    Added a new arena mode: Super Mutant

    [Gameplay]: A fierce battle between Super Humans and Mutants on an updated mutant battlefield.

    [Victory Requirements]

    Humans: Survive or kill all the mutants within a certain time.

    Mutants: Mutant players need to infect all human players.

    [New Settings]

    Super Human: There will be a certain number of Super Humans according to participants.

    Ability: Super Humans have random special skills.

    Damage Amplify: It lasts for 8 seconds with a 15 second CD. Attack damage is increased by 80%.

    Stealth: A Lv.3 Stealth, lasting for 8 seconds with a 15 second CD.

    Summon: Summon the target to a range of within 3 meters with a 10 second CD and a 3 second guide. (The caster doesn't move and selects a close release location with the highest priority. Details can be discussed.) Each summoned target adds 1 Energy.

    Acceleration: It lasts for 5 seconds with a 30 second CD. Speed is increased by 70%.

    Energy Shield: It lasts for 10 seconds with a 30 second CD. An infection can be avoided within a certain time.

    Human Leader: A random human hero will become the leader (Special humans with summoning abilities have a higher chance to become a leader).

    Leader Ability:

    Can withstand the infection for an extra period of time.

    Command Aura: Can increase 50% ATK for allies 15 meters around the leader.

    Allies can see the leader.

    When a leader is infected, his position will be transferred to a live human hero.

    Mutant: The mutant does not have a shield.

    Transform Back into Human:

    Infect a normal human to receive 50% of the Serum. You have to infect 2 humans to get 100% of the Serum. When a mutant dies, the Serum it received will not disappear.

    Infect a special human to receive 100% of the Serum. Use it in 10 seconds to transform back into a human. The Serum will disappear in 10 seconds.

    When transforming back into a human, there is a 50% chance to become normal or a super human. The player's status will be reset (Guy with full ammo).


    Mutant Army: The matrix calls up mutants to its side. Press E to release.


    New Maps

    1.Brutal Zone (Bomb, Deathmatch and other modes)

    2.Dead Area


    4.TG Zone


    New Shop Items:

    1.Tong Yun


    3.PP19 Hellhound

    4.Laser Sword

    5.Dual Poison Fangs

    6.I Love GS Spray  (Unlock to receive)

  • 09/23/2015Autumn Season Updates

    Time:  September 23, 23:00 – 24:00 PST


    New Mode:

    Team Deathmatch is a classic mode of FPS. Besides testing personal abilities, it is more about team cooperation. Every member should consider providing helps to other teammates, so does in the Recreation mode to be released with Global Strike’s anniversary version.

    About the mode:

    Recreational TDM. Added respawn point of the “good weapon”. Players can pick it and use it in battle.

    Rules of refreshing good weapons:

    1. By faction. Each faction gets refreshed good weapon separately.

    2. Participants>=8, each faction refreshes one good weapon. Participants=16, each faction refreshes one good weapon, with one more good weapon refreshed in the scene.

    3. When the number of players reach the requirement, good weapon is refreshed immediately.

    Rules of victory:

    The side that kills required number of enemies or has the higher kill when time’s up will win.

    Though Recreation mode is entertaining, it is still a battle that requires good cooperation. The one that gets the new item Good Weapon in Recreation mode will become extremely powerful.


    New Shop Items:




    4.Laser Sword


    1.New in Golden Arsenal: Crossbow-Gold, Python-Gold, AK47 Rose, AUGA3, Dual Maul.

    2.New in Silver Arsenal: M4A1 Ice, AK12, M500.

    3.New in Super Golden Arsenal: Military Shovel-Gold.

  • 06/15/2015Summer Carnival Update

    Update Time: 22:00 – 24:00 PST, 15th June

    New Maps

    Lost Town

    Introduction: This is a western town which was prosperous before, but now it is desolate. Shop Signs put on the wall and colorful flags hung under eaves remind us of past prosperities.

    People have moved out of this town a long time ago because of the evil forces found inside. That’s right, there are numerous subversive forces hiding. A bloody battle seems to be fast approaching.

    Map Mode: Bomb Defusal


    Training base (TB)

    Introduction: Training snipers is an extremely tough process. Sniper training includes over 20 skills such asbasic gear operations, various static/dynamic shot training, tracking, observing, surviving, intelligence gathering and analysis, disguising, route arrangement and bomb defusing. Strike Cops found the Storm Union snipers' secret training base on a secret mission and a conflict instantly broke out! This is a paradise for snipers. Believe in yourself with the weapons in your hands! Enter the Training Base by choosing the Special Fight mode to start a ferocious battle.

    Map Mode: Special


    New Shop Items

    1. The Toy Panda adds 10% EXP bonuses. This pendant has no effects on hit rate and damage.

    2. Dual Maul

    3. A Melee Weapon: Special Military Shovel

    4. RS-10

    5. Laser Deagle

    6. AN94 Eagle Eye

    7. A GP Weapon: Type 56 Rifle


    New Event:

    1.Added new items to the Golden Arsenal: Crossbow-Gold, Python-Gold, AK47 Rose, AUGA3 and Dual Maul.

    2. Added new items to the Silver Arsenal: M4A1 Ice, AK12 and M500.

    3. Added a new item to the Super Golden Arsenal: Military Shovel-Gold.



    1. Improved the sky mapping quality of all maps.

    2. Increased the duration of trumpets and horns in the game lobby.

    3. Widened the score panel opened with the tab key in battle.

    4. Optimized descriptions and tips about arsenals.

    5. Added an energy reserve acquisition tip to the arsenals.

    6. Fixed the problem that the ace was not refreshed in time.

    7. Added the unlocking function of Deagle-Gold, Weapon Vouchers and female characters. Players can receive this benefit after reaching the required level.

    8. Added a new match mode Gunmaster to the Solo League.

    9. Added an attack range comparison to the melee weapon attribute comparison.

    10. Added new items to the Golden Arsenal: Crossbow-Gold, Python-Gold, AK47 Rose, AUGA3, and Dual Maul.

    11. Increased the human hero amount from 3 to 4 in Death Comes mode.

    12. Optimized the mail system. Mails with attachments cannot be deleted.

    13. Optimized some newbie guide content.

    14. Added settings that weapons can be dropped after death in the Survival battle.

    15. Added the “Double” function to the battle result. Players can receive double rewards.

    16. Raised the Mutants’ HP increase after leveling up from 500/1000/1500/2000/2500 to 1200/1800/2500/3000/3500.

    17. When the Solo League TDM ends in a draw, the faction with ACE wins.

    18. Optimized all modes for Solo League. Added a waiting time for all modes.

    19. Enlarged the match range for Solo League.

    20. Added a notice when players do not have the specified weapon while in Special mode.

    21. After picking up weapon, characters’ weapon will automatically switch to the new weapon.

    22. Optimized the unlock button.

    23. Fixed the problem that when a character has multiple throwing weapons, the hand of the character will shake.

    24. Characters who are banned to speak cannot use Trumpets or Horns.

    25. Fixed the Mutants’ HP display error in Mutation and Death Comes mode.

    26. Added a quick start function in the room. All players in the same room can use the quick start function to begin the game. There is a certain period of time for the host to change the room settings.

    27. Added extra battle time. When a battle ends, players can still kill enemies with melee weapons, but the kills created during the extra battle time will not be counted.

    28. Adjusted the structure of the Tunnel and Armor.

    29. Added a random username function when creating new characters.

    30. Added a new action. After a headshot, the target will fall down.

    31. After a battle ends, important honor achievements will be displayed.

    32. Greatly increased the EXP bonus for players playing in a squad. Increased a 10% EXP bonus for each squad member. Up to a 50% EXP bonus can be enjoyed by squad members.