Global Strike Brand New Solo League System NEW RANKED PLAY

New Solo League Feature

All players will be ranked according to their power and be matched randomly to create an evenly matched game. In this way, any cheating on the battle scores will be avoided.

Individual Power Assessment

The data used for the player’s power rating is not only about Kills, K/D, Hit and other conventional data. In fact, we have modified the rating system and adopted some assessment data used in the international FPS competitions to make it more reliable and professional. The data include kill rate, survival rate, combo skill and other convincing data.

Solo League Grade and Level

The league has 6 grades, except the Challenger tier, each grade is divided into 5 levels: I, II, III, IV and V.

Players in the Challenger tier group can be replaced. That is to say, there are only 50 player spaces in the Challenger tier group.

When there are less than 50 players in the Challenger tier group, you can join the group by upgrading your grade and level to Diamond V, reaching 100 score points and passing the promotion test.

When there are 50 or more players in the Challenger tier group, players who want to join the group must have a higher score than the 50th player in the Challenger tier group, The one who is replaced will be demoted to Diamond V.

The Strongest score will be accumulated without any upper limit. Rankings of The Strongest is determined by the cumulative score.

How to Raise Grade and Level

Fight in the solo league, accumulate scores.

(Scores will increase if you win and will drop if you lose.)

Activate the promotion assessment when
you reach 100 score points.

The nature of raising grade and level are similar; but you need to take different number of battles:

Raise Level Win 2 out of
3 matches
Raise Grade Win 3 out of
5 matches

(If you lose, your score will be returned to the points before the test. Your grade or level won’t be affected.)

Level Protection After Promotion

As long as your grade or level is raised, you will have a protection for 5 matches. During the 5 matches, your level and grade won’t drop even if your score drops to 0.

Grade Kept and Level Drop

It’s normal that you have ups and downs. In the Solo League, your level may drop but your grade will be kept.
When your score drops to 0 and you lose a match, your level will be lowered.
For example, if your grade is Gold I, you will stay in the Gold grade even if your level is 0.
You will lose the score when your level drops. You can attend the promotion test again if your score reaches 100 and the promotion status will be activated.

Solo League FAQ

Q: How many battle modes can I choose to attend the Solo League?
A: Currently, there are only two modes for selection: Bomb Defusal and Team Deathmatch. More modes may be introduced in the future.
Q: What if there are only a few players in our server? Will the match success rate be low?
A: In theory, this type of extreme circumstance could occur. Thus, 2 protection plans are introduced: 1. This is the most important plan and caters for players’ urgent needs. The cross-server match and battle are adopted in the Solo League. Remember, you are playing with all players of Global Strike in all realms rather than one server. 2. Only some regular periods are available in the Solo League. It can concentrate players and relieve the stress of the cross-server match.
Q: Can I team up with other players to join the league?
A: No. The Squad League version is still under construction. We hope that it’ll be finished soon.
Q: How do I attend the promotion and grade increase tests?
A: The promotion and grade increase tests are not different from the normal matched battle. When your score reaches 100, the system will activate the test status automatically. All you need to do is to win 2 (promotion) or 3 (grade increase) battles.
Q: What will I lose if I fail the qualifiers?
A: You won’t lose anything. The score will return to the original points before the qualifiers. Plus, the score will not be deducted if you lose battles in the Promotion Test.
Q: This is my first time to attend the Solo League. Why can’t I view my grade and level?
A: Your grade and level will be displayed only when you finish 5 Rating Matches, the purpose of which is to find your strength level quickly. If you are strong, you don’t have to attend all the Qualifiers.
Q: Why do I receive different scores after winning a match?
A: Normally, the more battles you complete, the closer your grade and level are to your real strength. If all of the matched opponents are in the same level, the score added or lost will be comparatively balanced.
On this basis, the system will focus on recording your actual battle performance. If your actual performance doesn’t match your strength, or other players in your faction outdo you in such a large way that you are unable to gain kills score, you’ll receive lower scores even if you win the battle. Similarly, win or lose, it’s your battle performance that determines how much your scores earn or lose.
Q: What if I meet some players who withdraw from the match maliciously? What kind of punishment will they receive?
A: For the record, we’ll crack down on malicious withdrawals strictly. First, let’s learn what a malicious withdrawal is: players who quit in the middle of a match and don’t return to the game at the end of a round. The players who act in the above manner will be suspended from joining any matches in a specific period and receive lower scores. The suspension period and the deducted score increase with the withdrawal attempts. Their account may even be banned.
To judge if it is a malicious withdrawal or accidental log out, the system uses a protective reconnection function to avoid some accidental circumstances.

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